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Artificial Lures For Tarpon

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This article will show you how to catch Tarpon with artificial lures. We have already covered the Dr. Fish's Saltwater GT Popper, MirrOlure 77M twitch bait, and the X-Rap 3-inch 1/4-ounce clear jig. Each of these fly actions is unique and works well.

X-Rap Twitchin' Mullet

If you're looking to catch tarpon with artificial lures, you'll probably be using a mullet imitation. In open water, however, you will have to fish slightly differently than you would in saltwater. The best way to fish in open water is to keep your bait ten- to fifteen feet from the rolling fish. Slowly, use a series of twitches to move it around. Morris recommends that you take a short pause and then follow it up with a three second pause. Then, if you are retrieving erratically Morris suggests changing to a two count. This will make your bait seem easy to the Tarpon.

This red-white bunker-colored mullet is a good choice for deep-water fishing. This baitbuster's hollow body makes for a better hookup. The hook can be placed on the top lip or tarpon to allow it to flutter and swim. If you fish in deep water, this bait can be used.

Dr. Dr.

Dr. Fish's Saltwater GT Popper, which is 8 inches long and made of heavy-duty plastic. This lure is also called the "D.O.A Shrimp" because it's a great lure and the best for tarpon. This lure is great for catching both small and large tarpon.

Double Barrel Popper is loud and produces large bubble trails. This lure is tied with a molded foam body and a natural or synthetic tail. It works best when used in shallow areas for spotted fish. This lure can be cast out as a brush or retrieved as a fly. Once you've found the right pattern, you'll be well on your way to catching tarpon.

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A medium-heavy spinning rod and long, medium-heavy rod are recommended for fishing for tarpon. Waszczuk recommends braided lines weighing between 40 and 50 pounds. You can select the weight of the line according to how big your tarpon is. A fluoro leader can be added to the end of your line for hooking. You can then slowly move the bait along the tip with your rod. If you're fishing for tarpon in shallow water, try baits that resemble bunker and mullet. The colors will vary depending upon where you find them.

MirrOlure 77M Twitch Bait

The MirrOlure 77M shad twitch bait is perfect for tarpon, bluefish, snook, and jack. These twitch baits can sink to several foot and are available in many attractive patterns. This bait gives fish an irresistible darting effect. There are many natural colors and patterns to choose from.

This twitchbait has a suspending action and can be submerged for up 36 inches. This tarpon bait should never be fished alone. The hot tiger colour, also known in Cuba as the Tropical color, is ideal for tarpon at night or under low light conditions. This twitch bait also works great on jack crevalle and cubera snapper.

Designed for trolling and casting, the MirrOlure 77M is an all-purpose twitch bait for tarpon. It's made of ABS and comes with a UV-protective finish. It is designed to survive a variety of water conditions, so it's versatile and highly effective. This lure stands out because of its holographic reflective features.

X-Rap 3-inch 1/4 ounce clear jig

The X-Rap is a great clear jig for tarpon fishing. This bait is a favourite of Capt. Jim loves to fish inshore waters with this bait. It has excellent hooks and a sinking action when stationary. This bait works well in clear waters and can be fished either on the beach or close to a dock. This bait works well in shallow flats, brackish rivers, and shallow lakes. These conditions can be aided by the use of gold or pilchard color.

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Another clear jig designed for sight casting is the TerrorEyz 3-inch 1/4 ounce jig. This bait is filled with glitter specs to catch juvenile tarpon. It looks great in clear water and is made with real shrimp. This bait is still effective in catching tarpon, even though it is soft plastic.

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What happens if a person is caught fishing illegally

You could face fines or jail time as well as losing your fishing permit. It is crucial to understand the rules before you fish.

How do I get started fishing?

Before you get out on the water, you will need to be familiar with the basics of fishing. You must first learn about the various types of fish found in your region. Also, it is important to identify their preferred places of residence so you can find them. Once you have identified the best places to look for fish, you must practice casting. This means learning how to throw a lure into the air and letting it fall back down onto the surface of the water. Practice makes perfect!

How can I get my kids to take up fishing?

Absolutely! Kids love to fish. Fishing is something that most children love to do. There are many things that you can do to encourage your child into fishing. You could show them how to tie knots and build a fishing rod, or teach them about proper fishing manners. Show them pictures of fish, and tell them stories.

How big should my tackle bag be?

Because you will need ample space to store your fishing gear, a large tackle box is essential. Tackle boxes range in size depending on the number of items stored inside.

Are special licenses necessary to fish?

No, unless you are going to fish in another state or county. Many states allow anglers the freedom to fish without the need of a license. To find out what license is required, check with your local Fish & Wildlife Agency.

What is the best fishing spot?

You can fish near rivers, lakes, streams and other freshwater bodies. These areas offer plenty of food and water for fish.


  • Orvis, Simms, and Fishpond have been making some of the best packs and vests for a long time, and it seems like 90% of the anglers around the area use these brands. (troutandsteelhead.net)
  • About 40 percent of all fish are freshwater species. (takemefishing.org)
  • You likely have a fish hooked if the bobber moves erratically for over 5 seconds. (tailoredtackle.com)
  • To substantiate this theory, Knight attempted a systematic inquiry by considering the timing of 200 'record' catches, more than 90 percent were made during a new moon (when no moon is visible). (myfwc.com)

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Finding The Best Fishing Spot

It is important to know the type of fish that you are looking for in order to find the best spots for fishing. It is important to decide whether you prefer deep sea fishing or shallow-water fishing. Deep sea fishing will require a boat which is costly. It's possible to fish from the shore for shallow water, which is free. If you're interested in catching trout, you'd probably choose shallow water fishing. However, if barracuda is what you're after, you should go to deeper waters.

There are many fishing spots to choose from, depending on which type you prefer. Some places offer just one type of fishing; others offer several. Some places are famous for their fly fishing, while others are better at bass fishing. Some places are well-known for their shark fishing and crabbing.

The best way for you to decide where to go is to consider your budget, what you want to do, and how long it will take. Do you enjoy camping? A place close to a lake might appeal to you. Do you prefer city life? You might prefer the beach. You might also enjoy scuba diving or kayaking.

You can always ask someone who is knowledgeable about fishing if you don't have a lot of knowledge. You could ask them about everything, including where to go.

You could also try searching online for "fishing spots close to me." This will give you lots of ideas. You can narrow down your options by reading customer reviews and rating. There are plenty of websites that allow you to do this.

Once you have selected a location to visit, it is important that you actually go there. You should always have the directions handy as sometimes it can take longer to get there than you expected. Make sure to bring all the necessary items. Don't forget your tackle box, bait, and sunscreen!

Research the weather conditions at your fishing spot is also an excellent idea. Check the forecast and see when the best times are to go. If the weather is changing, it's a good idea to make changes to your plans.

Once you've decided where to go, you can begin planning your trip. Next is to decide what to fish.


Artificial Lures For Tarpon